What Is The Audit?

Our world is complicated (and Canada is straight-up weird). As governments and large institutions project more and more influence over our private and economic lives, they’re adding their own new layers of complication.

  • Can we reasonably expect to properly understand all the regulations, policies, and trends directly impacting us?

  • Can we afford not to?

The good news is that, for at least the last decade, governments at all levels have been busy publishing truckloads of data representing official policies along with their outcomes. For the most part, that data is available in the public domain and just sits there, waiting for us to come and get it.

This publication was created with the hope and expectation that sophisticated data analytics tools - including AI models like GPT - can tame those intimidating datasets and reveal powerful, fact-based insights into how we’re being governed and how that could be improved.

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Such thoughtful analysis can act as an oversight mechanism for adding transparency to government and, potentially, bringing incompetence and corruption to account. Or, in other words, perform the job that was once expected of journalists. Don’t believe me? Check this example out for yourself:

Or this:

The Audit exists at the intersection of experience and data analytics. I know that may not sound so exciting, but I’ve actually been having a world of fun researching this stuff. Subscribe right now for full (and free) access to The Audit:

For now at least, The Audit is freely available to everyone. Since I strongly believe in the value of the research I do, I’d ideally like to keep it that way.

But there is some labor-intensive stuff I’d love to do if I only had enough time. F’rinstance, I think it would be wonderful to open up a few regional bureaus to focus on local governance and institutions. And, with the luxury of more time, I might be able to directly connect with institutional insiders with access to even better data sources.

If you have any thoughts about those ideas, please do let me know.

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